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San Luis Obispo County, California
Nearby Towns:  Oceano and San Luis Obispo
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Nearby Shops:  Napa Auto Parts and Carquest
"The Oceano sand dune area is recognized by scientists, conservationists,
government agencies, and the public as the finest, most extensive coastal
dunes remaining in California. Most of the material that forms these dunes has
ocean currents, and then shaped by the wind into the dunes that we see today.

The prevailing winds that blow in from the ocean push sand particles up into
wave-like crests that run north-south. On the west or windward side the slope is
gentle. On the east or leeward side the slope is quite steep. Sand grains, as
they are blown over the dune crest tend to accumulate high on the leeward
slope; then, periodically thin tongues of sand slide down. For this reason the
leeward slope is called a "slipface.""

- Oceano Dunes SVRA
-  Go North on Highway 101  (90 Miles)
-  Take Grand Ave (Exit 187A)  (0.6 Miles)
-  Turn left onto Halcyon Road  (1.4 Miles)
-  Turn right onto Highway 1 (2.0 Miles)
-  Turn left on Pier Ave (0.4 Miles)
-  Oceano Dunes SVRA access and fee station at the beach

From Highway 101     (San Luis Obispo - 15 Miles)
-  Take Highway 101 South (11.6 Miles)
-  Exit onto Highway 1 South towards Pismo Beach  (3.2 Miles)
-  Turn right on Pier Ave (0.4 Miles)
-  Oceano Dunes SVRA access and fee station at the beach
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