Hungry Valley - SVRA      
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Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, California
Nearby Towns:  Gorman and Santa Clarita
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 Carquest (Lebec, CA)
"Elevations at Hungry Valley range from 3,000 to nearly 6,000 feet. Occasional
The most pleasant times of the year for OHV fun are during the Spring and Fall
good traction and reduced dust. Nighttime temperatures often drop below
freezing in the Spring and Fall, as well as during the Winter.

A 10-acre site adjacent to the Aliklik Campground has been developed to
capabilities and that of their vehicles. The practice area contains eight
man-made features that replicate conditions and terrain found throughout
California's backcountry. Visitors may operate their 4-wheel drive vehicles on
their own, or join a formal safety and operations class conducted by California
Association of 4-Wheel Drive Clubs certified instructors. For information on
classes offered at Hungry Valley, call (800) 494-3866."

- Hungry Valley SVRA
From Interstate 5     (Santa Clarita - 34 Miles)
-  Go North on Interstate 5  (32 Miles)
-  Take Exit 202 toward Gorman (0.3 Miles)
-  Turn left onto Gorman School Road  (0.1 Miles)
-  Turn right onto Peace Valley Road (1.0 Miles)
-  Turn left on Goldhill Road (0.3 Miles)
-  Hungry Valley SVRA access and ranger station ahead

From Highway 99     (Bakersfield - 42 Miles)
-  Take Highway 99 South (24 Miles)
-  Merge onto Interstate 5  (14.9 Miles)
-  (Exit 205) Frazier Mountain Park Road  (0.2 Miles)
-  Turn left onto Peace Valley Road (2.0 Miles)
-  Turn right on Goldhill Road (0.3 Miles)
-  Hungry Valley SVRA access and ranger station ahead
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