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Lake County, California
Nearby Towns:  Nice, Lucerne, Lakeport
Nearby Trails:  Mendocino National Forest OHVA,  Lake Pillsberry
Nearby Shops:  Napa Auto, Kragen, Mackey Tire Center
-  Head west on Highway 20 toward Clearlake (36.7 Miles)
-  Turn left (South) onto Highway 53 (7.4 Miles)
-  Turn right onto Highway 29 (22.4 Miles
-  Take the 11th Street exit in the City of Lakeport, turn left (0.5 Miles)
-  11th Street becomes Scotts Valley Road
-  Continue straight on Riggs Road as Scotts Valley Road bends to
the right (0.7 Miles)
-  Turn right onto Scotts Creek Road (2.2 Miles)
-  East gate is just before the Scotts Creek crossing

From Highway 101    ( Ukiah, West Gate - 8 Miles)
-  Exit Talmage Road in the City of Ukiah and head East
-  Turn Right onto Old River Road (1.7 Miles)
-  Turn left on Mill Creek Road (0.4 Miles)
-  Continue on Mill Creek Road to the West Gate (6 Miles)
"South Cow Mountain OHV Recreation Area emphasizes off-highway
drive enthusiasts alike. Non-motorized recreation is also welcome.  
There are two developed campgrounds and two OHV staging areas to
"South Cow Mountain OHV Recreation Area emphasizes off-highway
help make your visit enjoyable."

Cow Mountain Recreation Area, BLM
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Easy -
Moderate -
These fun family trails are suited for a stock vehicle and may not always require four wheel drive.  
very well maintained.  Roads are typically wide enough to accommodate passing.

While more challenging than the "Easy" rated trails, drivers of all skill levels can enjoy these trails.  
At this level a stock high clearance four wheel drive vehicle is required.  Trails are typically narrow
with possible brush that may scratch your vehicle. Passing usually requires backing up.

Trails at this rating require a vehicle with increased ground clearance and proper protection.  Trails
will often require a spotter and should only be attempted by more experienced off road drivers.  On
most trails at this level 33" tires and at least one locker is recommended.

Trails at this rating require a heavily modified vehicle.  At this point you most likely have more dents
than lugs on your tires, flops and rollovers are just part of your Sunday drive.  Front and rear
lockers, 35" tires and a winch are highly recommended.  "Extreme" rated trails should only be
attempted by the most experienced off road drivers.

Off Highway Vehicle Areas (OHVA) offer a range of difficultly for all levels of drivers and vehicles.  
Most OHVA offer obstacles to test your driving skills and multiple trails for a day or entire weekend
of fun.
Difficult -
Extreme -
South Cow Mountain      
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