4x4 Routes of Western Montana     
By: Willie and Jeanne Worthy
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Back Roads Publication
Missoula, MT

"First off, let us say that our intention is not to take you an any "killer trails" or Class 5 routes that will destroy your vehicle or even do any real damage to it. There are only six routes in this book that have class4 sections and they are for the most part only very short sections of the main route and in some instances are not necessary to travel. However, nearly all the routes we picked to share are somewhat challenging, generally require four wheel drive, and also have scenic or historical interest."

- 4x4 Routes of Western Montana


Willie and Jeanne Worthy

"Willie and Jeanne Worthy have been a writing team from their first travel story about Death Valley's Goler Wash back in 1970. Willie is best known from his nearly 40 years of working as a contributing editor for FOUR WHEELER Magazine as well as his Tech Line and Willie's Work Bench columns. He has had tech columns and articles in other publications such as Traveling 4x4's, 4 Wheel & Off Road, Hot Truck, Sport Truck, 4x4 Power, OFF-ROAD, 3 WHEELING and others, as well as updating, expanding and revising the original THE JEEP BIBLE."

- Back Roads Publication

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