Corral Hollow Trail     
Stanislaus National Forest  (View this site)
Difficulty Rating:  
* Trail Length:  
** Elevation Range:  
Operating Season:  
13.7 Miles - point to point
6712' - 8180'
Late Spring after the snow melt

Corral Hollow is a great trail for the novice driver or family, with great views along the way. The trail winds into the mountains just outside of Bear Valley. The trail will quickly reach it's peak along a ridge that is used for a ski run in the winter.

When you reach the ridge you will notice the ski run signs on the utility poles and the forest cleared in sections for the ski runs. Looking down the run you will even see a chair lift or two.

The trail is scenic and a great place for a "Sunday" drive. Bring lunch and enjoy a picnic along the ridge.

Trail Maps      

Stanislaus National Forest   (US Forest Service)
Calaveras Dome   (USGS Topo)
Tamarack   (USGS Topo)


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From Sacramento - Hwy 50 (117 Miles)
- Head East on Hwy 50 (4 Miles)
- Exit Power Inn / Hwy 16
- Turn right onto Power Inn
- Immediately turn left onto Folsom Blvd. (0.5 Miles)
- Slight right onto Jackson Rd. / Hwy 16
- Continue on Hwy 16 (30.5 Miles)
- Slight right onto Hwy 49 (36 Miles)
- Turn left onto Hwy 4 just a you enter Angles Camp
- Continue on Hwy 4 (45.1 Miles)
- The trail head is not marked on the left 0.5 miles before Bear Valley

From South Lake Tahoe (63 Miles)
- Take Hwy 89 South (15.2 Miles)
- Turn left at Hwy 88 / Hwy 89 junc. (5.8 Miles)
- Turn right to stay on Hwy 89 (11.2 Miles)
- Continue onto Hwy 4 (31.5 Miles)
- Note Hwy 4 may be closed during the winter
- The trail head is on the right 0.5 Miles beyond Bear Valley